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Wastewater Solutions Wins Award: International Irrigation Show 2003 'Best New Product' for the Golf Industry

Presented at the 2003 International Irrigation Conference and Show held November 18-20 in San Diego, California.

San Diego, November 19, 2003: An indpendent panel of twelve industry executives awarded Wastewater Solutions, Inc., the 2003 Winner in the Exhibitor Best New Product Contest hosted by the The Irrigation Association at their annual show and conference held this year at the San Diego Convention Center.

Wastewater Solutions' patented Aqua-Ject® injection system won the award for its unique implementation and capability to neutralize the high sodium and bicarbonate levels typically found in recycled water directly at the treatment plant. By treating at the source, the Aqua-Ject ® system improves the water chemistry for all downstream users with a single installation. Unlike acid or liquid calcium, solution grade gypsum is non-hazardous, creates no discoloration or odor, and requires no special handling or permits.

Injecting all-natural gypsum is a very effective method of overcoming the negative impact effluent water can impose, and is perfectly safe for use in metal, cement or plastic irrigation water delivery systems. Besides improving the water chemistry, gypsum can also notably improve soil penetration and adds critical calcium in a form that is immediately available for uptake by plant roots.

The equipment is a state-of-the-art bulk gypsum injection system that is fully automated and requires no manual loading or operation. It is virtually maintenance-free, operates via remote control, and will automatically adjust the amount of calcium injected, even with changing water flow rates and/or changing effluent chemistry.

Wastewater Solutions also provides the equipment as part of a Service Contract, so there is no need for the municipality to purchase any equipment. The Aqua-Ject® is compact and may be implemented at either new or existing wastewater treatment facilities.

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