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The Founders of Wastewater Solutions, Inc., began amending irrigation water with solution grades gypsum over ten years ago. Western Minerals, a Sister company, is now the exclusive U.S. turf and agricultural industry representative for the largest gypsum company in the world.

Over the last decade, Western Minerals (formerly a Division of Western Gypsum, Inc.) produced its own line of injection equipment, and had become the largest supplier of solution grade gypsum in the U.S. Randal Cecala was Vice President of Western Gypsum and was charged with developing the emerging injectable gypsum market, as well as the design and construction of the first and largest gypsum milling plant designed specifically for making solution grade gypsum for injection into irrigation water. Main offices were located in St. George, Utah, the nearest metropolitan city located near their expansive high-grade gypsum reserves covering over 40,000 acres in Southern Utah and Northwestern Arizona.

In 1998, Western Minerals contracted with the largest citrus and largest nut growers in the world to supply all of the equipment and expertise to treat over 25,000 acres of cropland in Central California with solution grade gypsum. Over the next six years, Western Minerals' Regional Manager, Mr. David Anson, had the opportunity for hands-on experience with virtually every existing make and model of gypsum injection equipment while developing and managing the injection of over 5,000 tons of gypsum per year for these growers. The contract was originally set up as a simple Supply Agreement and is still in place today.

Building on that knowledge, together with many years of combined industry experience, Wastewater Solutions was formed as a separate entity whose business focus was to overcome the logistical problems of handling solution grade gypsum in bulk form, and to design a state-of-the-art injection system that could be integrated into the highly automated environment of a modern wastewater treatment plant. After several years of research and development, Wastewater Solutions accomplished this goal to such a high degree that our fully-automated system design now has a patent.

WSI Aqua-Ject® installed
at Daly City, California
2.8 mgd tertiary treatment
facility. This plant
will serve three of the
most prestigious golf
courses in the country.
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